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Let me begin by saying that I am not a “cat person.” I’m allergic to cats, but when Love, Himself,[...]
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Tears in a Bottle You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle.[...]
Missy Goes Home
Some days are hopscotch kind of days. Other days are waiting to get nailed at dodgeball kind of days. Yesterday,[...]
Jesus Is Politically Incorrect
The last verse in the book of Judges is rather sobering and regrettably not unlike the culture of our day.[...]
Kenny Ashley

About Kenny The Author

Husband to Wanda.  Father to Clay and Kia.  Grandfather to Jackson, Kai, and Zane.  I am also a published author, speaker, teacher and pastor.  Sharing my journey so that it may inspire you to share yours.  Thank you for being here my friends.  Have a blessed day.

Kenny is a practical writer, one who sucks truth and wisdom out of everyday circumstances by offering encouragement through God’s word, practical illustrations, a little wit and a whole lot of common sense! What I love most about his blog is that amid his curious mix of observations, opinions, and stories, Kenny is always himself, making everyone feel that they know him.

Kenny writes about hope and peace in the hard places of life. You will be encouraged and inspired to draw strength from God when you feel like your strength is gone.

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My dad is the greatest man I have ever known.  His love and commitment for serving people has no bounds.  He created this blog to help encourage people, and to share his journey with you.

Don't forget to join his Graceline while you are here.  Every Monday morning he will send you your weekly dose of encouragement.​  God Bless.

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