Hi, I’m Kenny Ashley. I am guy who at one time had lost all hope of ever being happy. Today, I am a Hope Peddler all because I finally came to realize that hope is not an emotion. Hope is a Person. Hope’s name is Jesus, the Blessed Hope. A good friend of mine always says that he is so happy his teeth dry out from smiling so much. Now, I understand what he means.

I’m also a Husband, Dad, Papa, Author, Conference Leader and Pastor of The JOurneY at Lake Wylie, SC. I’m also an Awakener. I write books and Graceline devotionals, lead multiple Life Groups and do everything I can to wake people up to the fact that God is crazy wild about them. This site is the next big thing in my quest to peddle Hope to as many people as possible.

A.W. Tozer made a statement that has been the driving force for not only this site, but my destiny in Christ as well. Tozer said, “What comes to your mind whenever you think about God is the most important thing about you.” This site contains how God changed my mind and what God is teaching me about His unconditional love and grace.

My goal is to encourage you to truly believe that you, too, are God’s favorite. Every word you read on this site is designed to help you see God as He truly is and to understand how He sees you. If we could ever understand how God sees and thinks about us, we would never be the same and life would be… WOW!

I will send out a Graceline, my weekly devotional, to those who subscribe at www.kennyashley.com. It’s free, quick, easy and you can unsubscribe at any time. You can also read my blogs and “Just thinking” short devotional thoughts anytime you need a little encouragement.

I teach a life-changing seminar called LAY ASIDE EVERY WEIGHT. To call it a seminar detracts from what LAEW really is. It is an intimate experience with the Lord in which He heals wounded spirits and broken hearts via the power of His Holy Spirit and forgiveness for oneself as well as one’s offenders. Everyone needs to experience the transforming power of a LAEW conference.

I teach a conference on personality traits called THE PEOPLE PUZZLE which is a program of Walk Thru the Bible. It is based on the DISC profile and is a great tool for discovering how God wired you and how to better understand all of your relationships. Wanda and I also lead a marriage enrichment conference based on THE PEOPLE PUZZLE called UNDERSTANDING THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

At an early age, my belief system (my filter thru which I saw God, myself, others and life in general) was corrupted by THE lie of the enemy of our souls. THE lie is that God is not good and cannot be trusted. Because my faulty filter prevented me from seeing the truth of how much God really loved me, I believed that I was worthless, no good and a disappointment to God because I could not be perfect enough to please Him. Since I could not please God, I tried to get all my emotional needs met thru people. I became a people-pleaser par excellent. My pursuit of happiness via trusting people instead of God was a disaster. It led me down a road of misery and despair that I would not wish on the devil himself.

I grew up as an over-achiever both athletically and academically. I majored in pre-medicine because that’s what other people thought I should do. But I didn’t want to be a doctor. I wanted to be a coach. So after college I accepted a coaching job at my home high school teaching science and coaching football, basketball and golf. I started a chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes teaching the Bible to young athletes. I taught them that God loved and accepted them unconditionally even though I didn’t really believe it myself. The fact that many of them trusted Jesus and are still following Him to this day simply shows that the Message, not the messenger, is the key to life and life more abundantly.

After twelve years in education, I left the coaching profession and became a pastor. I thought God might love pastors more than coaches. As a pastor, however, I still lived in misery and depression due to my belief in THE lie about God. Then one day in July, 2007, God graciously opened my spiritual eyes and radically changed my filter. He allowed me to see how He sees me… thru eyes of love, not condemnation. He transformed my life 180 degrees that day.

Once again I find myself hopeless but in a wonderful way. I am hopelessly and helplessly in love with the Creator of the Universe… the One who created me just so He could love me and share His Life with me. It is a JOurneY. And JOY is in the JOurneY with Papa, our Heavenly Father and with one another. I’ve discovered that we love God by loving people. And joy is always richer when it is shared. Thanks for sharing your JOurneY with me.

I have been married 45 years to my Bride, Wanda, my high school Sweetheart and the love of my life. We have a son, Clay, and Megan, his Bride and our daughter-in-love. They have given us our first grandboy, Jackson. Clay is a publicist/marketer and the designer of this blog. Megan is a registered nurse for a dialysis clinic. They live in Indian Land, SC.

We have a daughter, Kia, and John, her husband and our son-in-love. They are slightly ahead in the grandchildren race with two grandboys, Kai and Zane. Kia is a physician’s assistant in Charlotte, NC. John is a musician and worship leader. They live in Charlotte, NC.

Wanda and I live near Lake Wylie, SC only 40 minutes away from our grandchildren. Although we love our children immensely, we understand that one of the main reasons for their existence is to provide us with one of God’s greatest treasures… grandchildren. We are so blessed!

You can contact me at kennykashley@gmail.com  or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.